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Amin Afrandnejad

Chairman of the board

Afrand Construction Company, with the aim of providing distinctive services in the construction and interior decoration industry, with more than a decade of brilliant experience with the help of an experienced technical engineering team and using optimal solutions in construction and management on large structures, has been able to carry out huge projects throughout Offer the country with high speed and accuracy.
In order to ensure that the services are performed in accordance with the needs of the employer and according to the set budget and specified time, the company will provide comprehensive and complete services to employers at a significant level in the same field of work.

Afrand Construction Company, as a well-known and capable company in the field of large construction activities, relying on the knowledge and scientific and professional records of its members, has tried to accurately and successfully implement all projects, and so far in this regard significantly It has been successful.

Afrand Construction Company as a leading company and in order to provide specialized services and in line with the best standards in the world, offers a wide range of services in this union and to all employers and activists of this union.


This company has put innovation and documented and reliable improvement on its agenda, and with a correct understanding of current and future needs and providing new services, it has been able to continue its efforts and continuous activities while respecting the client and honoring customers. Provide quality of service by considering the aspirations of customers and satisfying them.

Afrand Construction Company

No.32-8th floor- Golshahr Building (No. 22)- Golshahr Blvd – Nelson Mandella (Jordan) – Tehran- Iran